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Kain Layouts


Layouts listed semi- in order with newest first. Hover over the tile to see the layout's name.

Members Only Kain Layouts (pronounced KAH-EEN) was created as a place for me, (Kain_Lumpia) to post my layouts for everyone to enjoy. The community is members only, however you can join by clicking "To join this community, click here" in the userinfo. Be sure to read the rules before joining. That being said, enjoy the layouts, and always remember to credit!
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[Oct. 27th, 2005]

Here is some minor troubleshooting for in case any of the layouts aren't working. My comments are in green so you can distinguish them from the images.

Trouble ShootingCollapse )

Installing a layoutCollapse )

My friends/calendar/day page isn't working!Collapse )

How do I give credit for icons?Collapse )
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CREDIT [Sep. 13th, 2005]


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[Sep. 13th, 2005]

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