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Layouts by Kain Lumpia

Kain Layouts
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about the maker
I'm Allison. I'm 20. I love Erik Ryan Brackett.

How did I begin making layouts? you ask. My friend Andrew used to make my layouts for me. By "make my layouts" I mean customize my navigation. Then I realized that I could customize it myself by changing what he did a little bit. Then I realized that I could have backgrounds and the like. Then I discovered the scrollbox layout. I made this layout that I thought was the shit because it was a cleverly positioned scrollbox on a pretty background. I applied to a layout rating community with it. As it turns out, it wasn't a very good layout. That was when I decided that I wanted to get better. I haven't taken any classes on it, unless you count the week in Computer Applications where we studied HTML coding for things like changing fonts and making them bold and italic. My skills are still nothing special but I'm working on them. I will start taking classes for it soon enough. I do enjoy it.
Pretty much your standard rules.

1. Comment when taking. I pretty much like to know where my layouts are going.

2. CREDIT. If there is no credit in the layout itself, credit in your userinfo. Banners are available here

3. If you are using the layout for a journal other than the one you are commenting with, you need to let me know which one that is.

4. Don't take the codes, switch out the images, and claim it as your own work. It isn't. If you take the code, be sure to credit.

5. Be nice. There is no reason for negativity. If you don't like the layouts, leave the community or simply keep it to yourself.

6. Any and all questions concerning the override aspect of the layout must be asked here after reading all trouble shooting, NOT in the layout entry.
This is not a request community. There will, however, be a place for you to post suggestions (here). Your suggestions will be considered when making layouts, but I am not going to spend all day trying to fulfill your every livejournal layout need.
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Kain Layouts is always looking for more affiliates so feel free to comment here if you wish to become one.
Most layouts have credit built in with the sidebar. If your layout does not have a side bar, you cannot stand having such a blemish on your layout, or you simply would like to link back out of the kindness of your heart, feel free to stick one of our banners in your userinfo. Banners are available here The credit I give for my resources is also located there.